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While Paperscape is primarily a graphics site we like to include other stuff now and then. You can find all that other stuff here!

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Forum: Drop in and say hi!

Feedback : Want to tell us off? Here's the place to do it.

U.S. & World News: Things are happening in the world. Yikes!

Webmasters: Some resources for beginning webmasters, as well as a news feed for those who already know the nuts and bolts of things.

Music Stuff: Cool bands and some musician resources.

Movie News: Keep up with the latest film news.

Book News: Ok, I admit it. I'm a bookworm! Maybe this page is just here for me, not sure. ;)

HTML Editor: Work with HTML right here at Paperscape. We have a complete html editor you can use online. No download necessary.

Color Chart: We've given you the hexidecimal value of 512 commonly used colors.

Links to Other Sites: Places to visit when you leave here!

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