Paperscape Screensavers

Preview of one of our screensavers.

Terms of use:

These screensavers are for personal use only. This means you can download them to your own computer or share with a friend.

What you can't do is include them in a collection or gallery, online or off, modify them, sell them, or make profit from them.

You can link to the pages the screensavers are on (we welcome that) but do NOT link directly to the files themselves.

You also agree not to hold Paperscape responsible if the screensavers do not work right on your computer. These files are clean, but it's your responsibility to know what works on your system and what doesn't. We do not offer technical support at this time.


I agree to the terms of use. Show me the screensavers!

I do not agree to follow the terms.

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About Our Screensavers

How are Paperscape Screensavers different from those you find on other sites?

1) Our screensavers do not have spyware, ads, toolbars, or anything else. When you download the file all you get is the screensaver. That's it!

2) These are not demo versions. You will not see a nag screen 10 seconds into viewing asking you to buy it or register it. Our screensavers are fully functional and FREE.

If you're not charging, and there is nothing bundled inside the file why are you giving them away?

Because they're great screensavers and if you like them you'll bookmark us and return to see what new stuff we come out with. Or perhaps you'll tell a friend what a cool site we have. We admit it. We want Paperscape to become very popular. What better way than by providing great content to our visitors?

Who makes the screensavers?

We do! We create them using art we make or pictures we take. Unless otherwise noted all Screensavers are the original work of Paperscape.

How do I install them?

Follow the instructions on the page you download the screensaver from. They are not all alike. Some install with an exe file. Others you need to unzip before installing. The screensavers themselves are src files.