Paperscape Screensavers

We have just started making these free screensavers. We intend to build this into a nice resource for you. If you haven't already please read our Terms of Use before downloading.

Note that none of our screensavers have sound at this time. This is deliberate because screensavers with sound tend to interrupt our music when they kick in. Not sure how you feel, but we don't like our internet radio disturbed. We may have sound in the future though if you guys want it.

Moodypet Screensavers: If you like our virtual pets you can now have them as a screensaver. Their eyes follow your mouse, and you can make bubbles with the fish.

Water Screensavers (nature): These are natural water screensavers, meaning the screensaver is like a lovely photo of nature. A wallpaper, only animated. If you'd like the static wallpaper to go with these you can choose one here.

Art & Water Screensavers: These have water but is based on art created with a computer.