July 12 2006: It's been a while since I wrote in this section so I bet you thought we were slacking. Au contraire! We've been quiet because we've been working on something new and huge for the site. HUGE.

(Drum roll...)

We've added a new section to Paperscape where artists and photographers can get involved. You can sell (yes sell) your images. Or if you prefer to give them away you can do that too. You have to see this. We'd love for you to be part of it. If you're looking for royalty-free images you'll like this too. CHECK IT OUT.

June 29 2006: Today we added a Myspace Editor. Though we've made more myspace layouts than you can shake a stick at, we know some like to make their own. Well, now you can here at Paperscape.

June 26 2006: We've added a Glitter Text Generator. It's very cool. Check it out! We've put it on the menu for now. The forum is still up though it's no longer on the main menu. You can get to it from the Plugboard page.

June 24 2006: Do you want to promote something like a website, band or business? We've added a "plugboard" to Paperscape where you can get a free link. All you need is a small graphic (button) 88 X 31 pixels. We've put it here.

June 19 2006: We've added new screensavers called Art & Water. These, like the others, have that cool water effect. However, these are based on computer art rather than nature photos. As always all of our screensavers are free and have NO spyware, ads, or anything else. All you get is the cool screensaver itself. Not many places you can find that.

June 17 2006: Some of our graphics were linked to our old webhost with another url. We're trying to update all these old references so if you've had trouble getting any of the animated comments (gifs) to work that's why. They should be fine now. By the way, I'm going to be posting site news on both the "What's New" page as well as the forum.

June 16 2006: We have added a forum here. I put it on the menu about five minutes ago. Drop in and make your presence known. :)

June 3 2006: We've added a page dedicated to Pipeline Blogs. Only four layouts in there now but we'll add more. Please let us know if these layouts interest you, because if they do we'll devote more time to making them.

May 22 2006: Back by popular demand we're going to be allowing hotlinking to most of our graphics. This means you don't have to have web space in order to use our pets or Myspace Layouts. We're still in the transition phase though, gradually updating the layouts and some of the other graphics. The Pet Stereotypes are good to go though. If you do have webspace, we ask that you use it to help us save bandwidth. We'll love you if you do.

May 14 2006: We've added some Happy Birthday flash graphics. These are larger than we normally make, but sometimes, particularly for holidays and birthdays, it's ok to be big and over the top a little. Hope you enjoy them!

May 11 2006: We've added more flash you can say hi to your friends with. These are glitter, glittery graphics. So check them out and go say Hi.

May 10 2006: Would you like some flashy graphics to say hello to your friends? We made some for you. Go to Just Saying Hello.

May 8 2006: A big surprise today. We've doubled the size our Pet Stereotypes, for a total of four pages. Yay! I'm not sure which I like best. The Pet Biker is charming but I have to laugh at the Skinhead and Metalguy too. Then there's always the grunger rocker. Adopt the one you like best.

May 4 2006: To let you guys know, we've launched another website which has has nothing to do with graphics, music, or anything like that. It's called What You Weigh, and the focus is on health, weight, etc. It does look quite a lot like Paperscape in color and layout though. ;) We don't have a huge amount of content there yet but it will build. If fitness interests you give us a visit and a bookmark. We're also looking for writers. Don't worry, we'll still be here for Paperscape.

April 27 2006: We have something new for you. They're called Pet Stereotypes. Yes, you can now keep an emo or goth kid as a pet. We know this is what you've always wanted! Or how about a poptart?

April 23 2006:We've added a page of water wallpaper. The images can be used by themselves, but they go well with our water screensavers too.

April 19 2006: Guess what? We've added eight more awesome myspace animated layouts.

April 18 2006: We're very excited because we've added a whole new section here at Paperscape. We think it's so cool we've put it on our main menu. You can now get free screensavers here at Paperscape. How cool is that?






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