For several thousand years, gold has been one of the most profitable investments. Centuries run by, the economies of countries are changing, but gold remains in demand, without losing its value. We live in the XXI century, and buying gold of any weight is not difficult. Jewelry, precious coins, bullion – all acquisitions are worthy of attention. But the most profitable today is the purchase of gold in the bank. Many banks offer the service of buying gold bullion or coins, but the leader is Sberbank of Russia. It was this bank that began to offer the service of selling precious metal first, having received a license from the Central Bank.

Not all regions have banks that buy and sell precious metals. Sberbank is not only engaged in this operation, but also offers the lowest Gold price in pound sterling while providing the highest samples.

Using a reliable reputation, Sberbank can take gold bars for storage, having special rooms equipped with a high degree of protection. In addition, the bank boasts specially trained employees who will conduct the operation quickly and efficiently.

The cost of the precious metal in Sberbank

The price of gold is constantly changing. Over the past years, the price of this precious metal has grown six times. Sberbank sets the price of gold, focusing on the London Stock Exchange. The price is set by the bank twice a day and depends on the weight and shape of the metal.

Gold comes in the form of:

  • Gold bullion;
  • Gold coins;
  • Anonymized metal bills.

You can buy gold in Sberbank in the form in which you wish. The cost of 1 gram of gold can be found on the official website. The 22K gold rate is 34.13 higher than the market price because VAT is also taken into account in the amount of 18%. Today it is about 3675 rubles per gram bar. But it is worth noting that the greater the weight of the ingot, the lower the price per gram. That is, the price per 1 gram in a bar weighing 20 grams will be higher than in a bar weighing 100 grams or a kilogram of gold. The cost also includes funds that were spent on manufacturing and transportation, insurance, employees’ salaries and the profit of the bank itself.

If we talk about gold coins, then here the price affects:

  • Manufacturing cost;
  • The number of coins in the series;
  • What series the coin belongs to;
  • Does the coin have stones or other precious metals?

If we talk about in what form it is best to buy gold, then, probably, this is an impersonal metal account. This is a regular bank deposit, which is opened not in rubles, but in grams of metal. It can be of two types: urgent and indefinite. Urgent opens for a while, during which interest is accrued. Unlimited opens for an indefinite period, but without interest. Buying gold in this form, you do not need to spend money on its storage, the additional cost of 18% percent is not pulled together. Selling a gold bar will not be difficult. You can make a sale at the bank.

What does a gold bar look like?

Gold bars in Sberbank can weigh from 1 to 1000 grams. They are mainly produced in a weight of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50,100, 250, 500 and 1000 grams.

  • Engraving “Russia”;
  • Mass of the ingot;
  • Serial number;
  • The amount of gold in grams;
  • Manufacturer’s mark;
  • The name of the metal itself.

Each ingot is provided with a certificate stating the date of issue, general characteristics along with the signatures of the persons who are responsible for the quality of the ingot.

What to do if you are determined to buy precious metal in a bank?

So, you have decided that at the moment the most profitable investment of money is to buy a gold bar. What to do now? Where to begin?

First, you need to find out which branch of Sberbank provides this service. You should also find out if the department has special rooms for storing gold bars, whether specially trained specialists work in this department. Further, it is worth thinking about the ingot itself. How much you can spend, what weight you are interested in. Have you decided on everything? You can go to the bank without forgetting to bring your passport with you, without which the transaction would not be possible.

How is the procedure for buying gold in Sberbank?

You need to come to the bank with an identity document and inform the bank employee about the desired purchase. A bank employee will be happy to tell you how the deal goes because buying and selling gold is a serious and responsible procedure. It is not possible to make a purchase through an intermediary.

All ingots are carefully weighed and verified with a certificate. Weights are set so that the buyer can see the whole procedure. Sberbank has special high-precision scales for this operation. The error for a gold bar can be – 0.01 grams. The transaction is executed due to special cash documents and a transfer-acceptance agreement. In the documents, the bank employee indicates:

  • Metal name;
  • Weight of metal;
  • Sample ingot;
  • Special Nugget Code
  • The price of a single ingot;
  • The number of ingots purchased;
  • The total amount of the purchase;
  • Date of purchase.

The same procedure is carried out when you decide to sell the bars back to the bank. The buyer must save the certificate. After all, an ingot without a certificate has no value. No bank will agree to buy an ingot without a certificate, even if it is of excellent quality.

It is worth noting that there are fewer Sberbank branches willing to buy back gold bars than those that can sell them. If you plan to sell gold bars back to the bank after some time, you should pay attention to this item when choosing a branch of Sberbank.

Why is it worth investing in gold?

Investing in gold is becoming more popular every day. This is not the fastest way to make a profit. Gold prices are increasing every year. Therefore, money capital will begin to increase a few years after the deposit.

The increase in the value of gold is affected by the country’s economic condition, oil prices, wars, and consumer behavior. In addition, gold mining is reduced every year, and this indicates a rise in prices in the future due to a reduction in metal volumes.

Gold prices can rise due to political instability, sometimes people earned a fortune in such periods. Money experts advise investing about 10% of their savings in gold, thus protecting themselves from complete bankruptcy.

Buying gold will help everyone not only save their money, but also increase them. Thanks to this, you will be confident in the future, you can make money without making any effort. You can transfer or give the purchased bullion to your relatives without losing a dime.

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